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About Us

Virtual Hearing Solutions is registered and approved by the FDA, and VA, as the only mobile audiology testing company.

At Virtual Hearing Solutions, we offer the full spectrum of audiology services for children and adults of all ages. We offer comprehensive screening services, accurate diagnostics and effective treatments for hearing loss.

Did You Know

Approximately 15% of American adults aged 18 and over reported some trouble with their hearing. And we're not just talking about the elderly:

  • 1 in 6 baby boomers (Ages 41-59) have a hearing problem
  • 1 in 14 Generation Xers (ages 29-40) already have hearing loss
  • Most people with some form of hearing loss are younger than 65 years old.

Most people with hearing loss live their lives without even knowing. Most cases go undiagnosed and untreated. Virtual Hearing Solutions provides a unique program for companies to improve the hearing health of their employees. Through this partnership, you can offer:

  • Free online hearing tests from the convenience of their home
  • Educational materials on hearing health
  • Ability for employees to purchase hearing aids through payroll deduction

We are revolutionizing the Hearing Industry!

Partner With Us

Our highly skilled audiologists are here to provide outstanding care and services. You can now include seamless hearing health benefits to your organization. VHS features a turnkey process, from diagnostic testing to custom-fit hearing aids, all in the convenience of your own environment, working directly with your insurance provider.

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