If You Have Normal Hearing Share our Discount with Family and Friends

Payment Plans – Save your family and friend $200 to $500 (up to 5 members) on addressing it hearing loss with your $12, $24 or $36 investment

Virtual Hearing Solution has developed the hearing health industry's first full membership/discount program -- designed to make hearing healthcare more accessible and affordable as an enhancement to our FREE online hearing testing.

Hearing Loss is the #2 most diagnosed health condition -- with 48 million people in the USA living with some degree of hearing loss. Once it's lost, hearing cannot naturally restore itself. The vast majority of those with hearing loss have not sought treatment and could benefit from our discount program. Further, almost everyone knows someone in their family or special friends whose quality of life would improve by using hearing aids.

Here is how our program works: In exchange for a modest monthly membership subscription, VHS will further reduce its already competitive pricing by an additional 13%! And with the family and friends membership, customers can extend this super-competitive pricing to others (max 5 pairs of hearing aids per year). This includes unlimited access to VHS' quick and convenient online hearing tests – which produce professional quality full audiogram in 15 minutes. Your customers can extend your reach and help others by encouraging family and friend to visit our website to take a test today!

If test results show hearing loss, customers can order hearing aids online and have them shipped to you within 7-10 business days. Take advantage of the "teachable moment" when customers/friends/family members agree to test their hearing!

VHS Subscription Options:

VHS Price$1.25$36.00

. Single members -- $1.25 per month or one annual payment of $12.00

. Two members per year -- $2.40 per month or one annual payment of $24.00

. Family and Friends (3-5 members per year) -- $3.50 per month or one annual payment of $36.00*

* Hearing Aids and Battery Cleaning Kits can be shared with any family and friends throughout the membership period. They need not be identified in advance -- VHS discounts will apply up to the first 5 purchases per year!


Contrast the VHS value proposition with traditional hearing aid purchasing through audiologists:

Virtual Hearing Solutions Audiologists
First appointment NOW – any quiet place Several weeks – at their office
Hearing test 15 minutes – effective for 90% of hearing loss cases Few hours
Order/delivery of hearing aids Instant order – shipped to home within 7-10 business days Several weeks
Pricing $1500-$2000 each with discount subscription – anywhere. Standard VHS pricing is $1725-$2300 each. $3000 to $7000 each depending on location
Fitting/adjustments Convenient online appointments within days Another set of delayed appointments?
Batteries & cleaning supplies 1-year supply included Varies – often included
Warranty 45-day refund; up to 1-year replacement for loss or damage; 3 years for manufacturer's defect Varies

In order to help assure affordability, VHS has arranged for patient financing programs with Bankers Health Group. VHS also accepts all major credit cards.