We can help your employees have better hearing health and be more productive members of your team. When Your Employees Hear Better, They Perform Better!

Virtual Hearing Solutions (VHS) is registered and approved by the FDA, and VA, as the only mobile audiology testing company. We are the largest provider of mobile hearing health services. We offer services with minimal interruptions. VHS also provides in-home services to all. Our goal is to provide ongoing services and continue to evaluate each person based on their needs, and provide solutions based on the recommendations.


Educational materials on hearing health. Ability for employees to purchase hearing aids through payroll deduction. Optional subsidies for employees.


Helping your employees hear better has never been easier or more affordable. VHS can help you subsidize hearing aids for your employees or arrange payroll deductions. If you’re not interested in direct involvement, you can still help your employees obtain better hearing health at no cost to you.


We deliver services in a way that is convenient, while improving hearing outcomes. The mobility provides the convenience of customized hearing testing during flexible times and locations. Our mobile services will minimize in travel, and search of an audiologist in your area. VHS in home services for extended family members, increases access to hearing healthcare. Our focus will be year-round mobile hearing services for all.

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    We are the largest provider of mobile hearing health services. Our KUDUwave Audiometer is designed to enhance the bandwidth of independent audiologists to reach the masses with the latest hardware & software technology.


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