Endemic Sounds So Much Better, but Will We Be Able to Hear It?

Planning for the long-term side effects of COVID-19- Doctors now link hearing loss to COVID-19, some patients report ringing in their ears.  Read more about the correlation they are discovering here:

As COVID-19 becomes endemic, research finds infection can cause hearing loss, ringing in ears – oregonlive.com

Much of the workforce is returning after having contracted and recovered from COVID-19. Show them you value their health.

Let your employees know you appreciate their health by offering this convenient service to screen for some of the lingering long term side effects.  VHS services work, schools, sports venues, concerts, private parties, and weddings.  Our concierge type services put friends and family at ease while and is so convenient.  We come to you, employees are happy, productivity goes up.

Let Virtual Benefit Solutions, Inc, DBA Virtual Hearing Solutions take the headache out of providing quality, convenient, mobile, health testing, including COVID-19 and Hearing.  We offer Mobile Concierge-like COVID-19 and Audiology Testing for Venues and Events, as well as Businesses. PLANNING FOR THE LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS OF COVID-19-DOCTORS REPORT HEARING LOSS