Executive Leadership

VHS Hearing Solutions has assembled a team of diverse leaders who will work with us to educate, communicate and implement our efforts to share the real story about hearing health throughout the world and specifically in the workplace. Our team of Executives comes from all backgrounds and industries with a clear focus to help VHS build distribution channels that will lead to the access of online and mobile application hearing tests, mass distribution of hearing aids - while also reducing the cost of hearing devices. It is our goal and mission to make sure everyone who is living with any form of hearing loss will finally have the access and ability to afford to resolve their hearing loss TODAY. Learn more about our team leaders for they will be a large part of the reason hearing health and hearing health advocacy will become a key part of employers, unions, administrators, TPA, PEO and associations across the US.

Tyrone Moore Sr.

CEO & Founder

Dave Brown

Executive Advisor

LaMar Hasbrouck

Senior Advisor

Paul Ford

Executive Advisor

Victor Valenzuela

CTO Chief Technology Officer

Ron Tiongco

Executive Advisor

Alan Josephson

Executive Advisor

Cecil Plummer

Executive Advisor

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