Paul Ford

Paul Ford offers well over a decade of experience in the healthcare insurance and benefits industry, and currently serves as the Co-Founder of Traffk, the modern insurance underwriting and risk management platform as well as Founder of OrchestraRx, a consumer-driven pharmacy solutions company. Prior to launching OrchestraRx, Paul was Managing Principal of Qloud Health, a healthcare technology advisory firm advising early stage healthcare technology companies that are at the forefront of innovation, helping to build solutions to curb healthcare spending and more effectively manage and analyze massive volumes of patient data.

Paul presently leads Traffk helping insurance companies manage data more effectively to understand risk more accurately in core business functions such as underwriting, risk analysis, product development, and marketing. Traffk is helping these organizations find operational efficiencies and competitive advantages through predictive analytics, modern cloud-enabled business workflows, and machine learning. Paul is a graduate of California State University – East Bay where he studied Economics.

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