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  • How does a hearing aid work?

    A hearing aid helps you hear sounds that your ear can no longer hear naturally due to hearing loss. It has a microphone on the outside that increases sound in the frequencies where you have hearing loss and funnels that sound into your ear at a louder volume, so you can hear them.

  • How much do hearing aid(s) cost?

    The cost of hearing aids is determined by technological advances as well as the features that are built into them. So, while some companies charge $5000 or more for a hearing aid, Virtual Hearing Solutions can offer the same product and features with a price range of $1500 to $2000. This includes the additional benefit of 12 months of batteries and cleaning supplies, 3-year warranty and 2 consultations with a hearing professional.

  • I’ve never had a hearing aid. Can I order just one to start with?

    You can order one or two hearing aids; however, it is highly recommended that if you have hearing loss in both ears, you get two hearing aids. The ears work together to make speech clearer. If you have only one hearing aid, it is likely you will hear sounds slightly louder, but it may not improve the clarity of speech.

  • How do I know which hearing aid is best for me?

    The in-the-ear hearing aids are for losses that are mild in nature. The behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids can accommodate both mild and moderate hearing losses. People with dexterity issues tend to prefer the BTE model because they are easier to grip.

  • What if I am not confident in the results of my audiogram?

    We encourage you to take the online hearing test at least two times to verify the results are consistent. If you still question the results of your audiogram after the two tests, you should seek out a physician or hearing care professional to administer a test.

  • VHS only operates online. Don’t hearing aids need to be fitted in person?

    With the digital technology we have available, once you’ve taken your hearing test you will be sent hearing aids that address your specific hearing loss. Although your hearing aids are built and programmed so you can wear them straight from the box, you also have access to video appointments with a licensed hearing care professional, should you want or need assistance with the setup and fitting.

  • How will I know that my hearing aids fits properly?

    You will know your hearing aids are fitting properly if they are comfortable and you are hearing well! Check their placement in the mirror. If they are sticking out of your ears, that will indicate they are not seated correctly in your ears and you should adjust their placement. When purchased from VHS, you can contact us for an online consultation with our network hearing professionals.

  • I hear whistling (feedback sound) when my hearing aids are in my ears.

    If you hear whistling, or feedback as we call it, this means your hearing aids are not seated correctly in your ears. When you look in a mirror, you should not be able to see them sticking out of your ears. If you can’t resolve this, please contact our customer service center to arrange for an online consultation with our network hearing care professionals.

  • How soon will my hearing aids arrive?

    You should expect your hearing aids to arrive in 7-14 working days. Once your hearing aids leave our plant, we will email you a tracking number, so you can have the latest information on your shipment.

  • Can I reprogram my hearing aid myself?

    No, but you can adjust the volume to increase or decrease speech or noise levels in your environment.

  • What if I’m not satisfied?

    Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed for the first 45 days. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, VHS offers to replace your hearing aids, free of charge. If you still aren’t satisfied after that, you can obtain a full refund of your hearing aids within 45 days of purchase. Your hearing aids are also completely guaranteed against damage AND loss for the first year and are under warranty for a full three years when purchased through VHS.

  • Do doctors or audiologists offer the same hearing aids as you?

    You may be offered similar hearing aids. If you would like a consultation with a hearing health professional contact our customer service to find physicians in our network that offer our hearing aids and accessories at the same cost we list on our website.

  • What new features do today’s hearing aids have?

    Our hearing aids have many features such as noise reduction, speech enhancement, t-coils for better clarity, feedback management, directional microphones, and a host of other features to help you hear better!

  • Do I need to buy hearing aid batteries?

    Your hearing aids come with a one-year supply of batteries and cleaning accessories sent to you each month after your purchase. VHS anticipates the number of batteries you’ll need in a fully functioning hearing aid worn for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. If for some reason, you run through them quicker, just call our toll free number and we will happily ship you out more to carry you through to your next shipment. If you are away from home, you can purchase hearing aid batteries at most retail stores, as well as drug stores.

  • How do I take proper care of my hearing aid batteries?

    Batteries are all zinc air, meaning that they are activated when the tab behind them is removed. Remove the tab about 3-5 minutes prior to inserting it in your hearing aid for best results. Always, keep all of your batteries in a dry environment at room temperature. We strongly advise AGAINST refrigerating batteries. Batteries work best at room temperature and refrigerating batteries could prevent optimal usage.

  • How often should I change my hearing aid battery?

    Battery life depends on the size of the batteries, severity of your hearing loss, streaming time, and hours worn during the day. Size 312 batteries will last about 6-7 days and size 10 batteries will last between 4-7 days.