We Offer Pre-Hearing Tests to Determine Hearing Loss

Old Person Giving Hearing Aid to Another Person

Before We Move On, Let's Take A Pre-Test

Rub your hands together in front of your face. If you have trouble hearing the sound of your hands rubbing together, we recommend you seek a professional evaluation from an audiologist or physician. If you can hear the sound of your hands rubbing together, let's move forward. Get our mobile hearing testing services today.

Woman Keeping Hearing Aid

Online Test, Printable Audiogram!

This online hearing test offers you an easy, fast way to determine whether you suffer from hearing loss. At the conclusion of the test, you will have a printable audiogram that can be used to determine what hearing device can work best for you. Bookmark this page and run this hearing test periodically to monitor your hearing.

Please note that some of the audio tests tones can be excessively loud if used improperly. To avoid problems, always begin by playing the quieter files first. See below for the steps on taking the hearing test.

Here Is What You Need To Take The Test

Computer, Tablet Or Phone

Earbuds Or Headphones

A Quiet Place

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