How Hearing Loss Is Surprisingly Affecting Your Income

Hearing loss is never part of the plan, but if you’re struggling with your hearing, you may already know that it can start to affect every part of your life. Unfortunately, that can include your career.

Finding a solution is incredibly important to your happiness and your wellbeing, but did you know it can also improve your work from day-to-day?

If you’re still unsure about how hearing loss can play a role in your take-home earnings each year, here’s a glimpse into its effect on your total income:

Who Is Affected by Hearing Loss?

Thirty-one million Americans admit to age-related hearing loss. For these Americans, age-related hearing loss happens gradually over time; it can be hard to detect until it’s a noticeable problem. This hearing loss can start to have a major impact on your life well before retirement.

In fact, only 37 percent of people who admit to hearing loss are at retirement age. The other 63 percent of Americans are faced with figuring out how to manage the intricacies of the working world, when they’re not always able to HEAR those intricacies.

But How Does Hearing Loss Actually Impact Income?

If your work involves close interaction with co-workers or clients, it’s important to be plugged into all of the details that drive your business.

Perhaps you lose a sale or a client because you’re unable to hear the customer properly. Even if you don’t lose a sale, a small delay while you take the time to clarify what you may not have heard completely, can cost you in the long run. These small losses can really start to add up.

In a study done by the nonprofit Better Hearing Institute, financial losses related to hearing loss average at about $12,000 per household per year for persons living with untreated hearing loss. It’s hard to stay “in the game” if you are unable to keep up with business small talk or truly grasp your client’s needs or concerns simply because you can’t hear them.

Undetected Age-Related Hearing Loss

In today’s world where everything is available on command, you need be able to trust and rely on your hearing. Age-related hearing loss can be difficult to detect because it happens so gradually, due to changes in the inner ear as we age.

Age-related hearing loss can also be compounded with noise-induced hearing loss, from exposure to sounds that are too loud, or perhaps sounds that are too loud for too long, damaging the microscopic hairs that register sound wave vibrations. Prolonged exposure to video games or loud music are two frequent examples of noise-induced hearing loss.

Between age-related and noise-induced hearing loss, you may find yourself unable to carry on a simple conversation in a crowded cafe or struggling to hear an important phone call.

The Solution

How do you alleviate the damaging financial impact of hearing loss? First, measure your hearing loss with VHS’ free online test. Then, if needed, consider a solution such as a nearly invisible hearing aid from the comfort of your own home. You can even enroll in a payment plan to fit your hearing devices within your budget.

With affordable options and low monthly payments, solutions for correcting hearing loss are not limited to the wealthy. Instead, hearing aids become a business tool to bring you closer to your customers and coworkers, so you never again have to miss a moment (or a big project opportunity that could lead to a promotion!).

Ready to invest in your business and yourself? No longer will “hearing loss” also have to mean “lost business.” Take the online hearing test, and discover which hearing device is right for you, risk-free.

Have questions or concerns, or just want to talk more about how a hearing device can have a huge impact on your life and your earnings? Contact us today!

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