How To Hide Your Hearing Aid

As we age, our ability to hear can decline for many reasons. When it becomes hard to hear, all aspects of our lives can be affected. Even so, many adults deny that they’re experiencing hearing loss or that they need to consider hearing aids. They would rather deal with the hearing loss than use hearing aids.

Why is that?

There are many reasons people give for putting off hearing aid usage. They cite expense, doctors visits, and often, there is a denial the hearing loss is as significant as it is. But there’s also the question of vanity.

We fight against getting older. We don’t want to be seen as weak, infirm, or aging. For so long, hearing aids have been a very noticeable sign that you’ve gotten older. Fortunately, this just isn’t the case anymore.

Hearing aids are made smaller now. The wires are the color of your skin or hair, and often they’re nearly undetectable. Here are some helpful tips to further camouflage your hearing aid.

Hide Your Hearing Aid Tip #1: Grow Out Your Hair

Keeping your hair at least chin length will give you the ability to keep your hair down and over your ears. With the smaller hearing aids that are now made, as well as those that are using hair and skin color wires, you likely would never know that the hearing aids are there when you are out and about.

You might also think about styling your hair with curl to add volume so that your ears are even more concealed by your hair.

Hide Your Hearing Aid Tip #2: Don’t Draw Attention to Your Earlobes

Drawing less attention to your ears will also help hide your hearing aids. Wearing large or flashy earrings will draw others’ eyes to that part of your face. As you age, your earlobes can start to droop, and wearing dangly earrings can speed the aging process of your earlobes. Thankfully, this is an easy fix at a plastic surgeon’s office.

Have any piercings sewn up and think about adding a filler to make the earlobe less droopy and flat, and smaller and more full. Then, if you do have your ears re-pierced, turn to stylish studs that don’t hang heavy on your earlobes.

Hide Your Hearing Aid Tip #3: Don’t!

Hearing aids have come a long way since the days of big clunky inserts into your ears that stick way out. There are sleek designs that you can barely see anyway, but what you do see looks much more like headphones or a Bluetooth device than anything else. These hearing aids look like the technical devices they are instead of the clear sign of age that no one wants them to be.

The bottom line: Don’t be ashamed about your hearing aids. Understand that without them you run the risk of becoming more isolated and depressed in your life because your communication with those you love and work with and see when you are out and about in the world will suffer.

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