Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects tens of millions of people across the United States. Experiencing hearing loss can be a very scary idea for most people. Not wanting to be seen as an “old person” with a hearing aid, they just deal with the hearing loss. But not wanting to be seen as “old” should not keep you from going to your doctor.

There have been leaps and bounds made in the technology for hearing aids. No longer are they the big bulky flesh-colored boxes that your grandparents wore. They are sleek, technological looking designs that are much more likely to be confused with earbuds than they are with actual hearing aids. There are even devices that hide completely in your ears with just a small, practically invisible tube coming out.

When you do decide to go see your doctor about your hearing loss, you should be prepared with some questions to ask. It is also a good idea to have someone go with you who can listen to the doctors answer too, as often it is a lot of information to take in at once. You could also take a pen and paper with you to write down what the doctor is saying.

You’ll likely have some individualized questions for your doctor depending on your unique situation, but the following are good questions for you to make sure you get answer to.

Question #1: Why did this happen to me?

You’ll actually want to break this up into a couple of questions. What are the most likely causes of my hearing loss, and what are the most unlikely causes of my hearing loss?

You want to cover all of your basis. Hearing loss that comes with age is not necessarily the only reason why you are having hearing loss. Make sure you ask your doctor to get more in-depth, especially if the hearing loss seems to be more sudden and more severe.

Question #2: What tests are you going to run?

Your doctor will want to do a hearing test, but there may be other tests needed if your doctor thinks something else might be causing your hearing loss. It could mean x-rays or blood samples. You want to be prepared for any and all tests you’ll have to go through. Make sure you elaborate on all the symptoms you are having so your doctor best knows what treatment course to take.

Question #3: Could it be my medications?

This is especially important if you are taking new medications and the hearing loss seemed to get worse when you started the medication. If you are seeing a doctor other than your primary care physician, you’ll want to take a list of any and all medications you are taking. Make sure to include ones you may not take every day, like allergy pills or headache medicine, as these may be reacting with something else you’ve been prescribed.

Question #4: Will it get worse?

This is definitely something you want to cover when you’re deciding whether or not to purchase hearing aids. Your hearing will likely not get better without the help of hearing aids, but your doctor might be able to give you an idea of how long you have until it gets worse. You should also ask your doctor about the level of hearing loss in both ears. Is it the same or different? Do you need hearing aids for both ears or just one?

Question #5: Does my insurance cover hearing aids and what is the cost?

Hearing aids are very expensive and not always covered by insurance plans. You’ll want to discuss this before you decide to purchase hearing aids from your doctor’s office or from a specialist’s office. There are always subsequent visits and costs as well when it comes to hearing aids. You want to make sure it won’t hinder you financially anywhere along the line.

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