Is There A Cure For Hearing Loss?

Unfortunately, the simple answer to this question is no. Right now, there is no way to reverse hearing damage and loss. While we can ease the issue for those who suffer from hearing loss with hearing aids, we cannot reverse it without the use of worn technology.

That said, the vast advancements in technology and medicine in the past fifty years— or even the past ten years— shows us that practically anything is possible. There are studies happening right now that focus on how to reverse hearing loss and, eventually, even cure it.

The hope for the future shouldn’t deter you from obtaining hearing aids to combat the hearing loss you are experiencing right now. There is no telling exactly when these studies will come to fruition, and you should not have to suffer the negative effects of hearing loss while we all wait.

Knowing a bit about these studies, and the ways in which you can prevent hearing loss from happening due to environmental factors is beneficial to all of us. We’ve compiled some good facts about both to help you understand more about hearing loss now, hearing loss in the future, and what you can do to prevent it.

Preventing Hearing Loss

There are some things you can do to protect your ears and your hearing over your lifetime. It is never too late to start!

  • Protect your ears around loud noises

Sometimes loud noises are unavoidable. If you work in a factory, you might be around them all the time. If you go to a concert, you’ll probably be exposed to extremely loud noise courtesy of the enormous speakers. Wearing ear protection will help to alleviate some of the effects of loud noises, especially if it is a regular occurrence in your life.

  • Be careful with headphones or earbuds

When you listen to music, or podcasts, or talk on the phone, and you typically use headphones or earbuds to do so, the sound needs to be turned down to a reasonably low level in order to ensure damage isn’t done

Researching a Cure For Hearing Loss

Just because there is no cure for hearing loss right now, does not mean there are not people intently looking into different ways a cure might be achieved.

According to Psychology Today, the Department of Defense is even in on the race to a cure for hearing loss. They have a lot of skin in the game— one of the largest claims from veterans is hearing loss due to training and combat situations.

One of the many different ways that hearing loss occurs is when the tiny hairs in your ears stop growing and break down. The DOD is funding a group that is looking into the hair cell regeneration as a way to cure hearing loss.

Another study is researching drug therapies to repair ear damage and restore normal hearing. They also want to treat the cochlear hair cells, but they also want to do more to understand the organ itself. According to Paula Cobb, executive vice president of corporate development at Decibel Therapeutics, “It is a poorly understood organ in the middle of one of the hardest bones in the body”. Their study would gain more knowledge that will hopefully lead to a cure in the future.

There are so many studies out there with different groups of doctors and scientists all trying different ways to cure and prevent hearing loss. Though they haven’t achieved it yet, there are promising signs in a great deal of the studies being done that one day in the future hearing loss won’t be something millions of people around the world deal with anymore.

Hearing Loss Today

So many people suffering from hearing loss don’t want to seek help. They think that if they go and get hearing aids, they will immediately be looked upon as old or outdated. They envision the large and very noticeable hearing aids their grandparents wore.

The truth is, today’s hearing aids are sleeker and far more difficult to detect. Many are not noticeable at all, and those that are look more like an earbud you’d use to listen to your music than they do a hearing aid.

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