Offer Hearing Health Benefits
To Your Clients & Rise Above The Rest

Differentiate your firm or practice from the competition while earning an ongoing revenue stream and helping people deal with a potentially significant health issue.


15% of American Adults Suffer From Some Form of Hearing Loss

Affects All Ages

Most Suffering From Hearing Loss Are Under the Age of 65

Easy Diagnosis

Offer an Easy Path to Better Hearing Health


Benefit Through Revenue Sharing Agreements

A Great Benefit For Clients, A Great Revenue Opportunity For You

Approximately 15% of American adults aged 18 and over reported some trouble with their hearing. And we're not just talking about the elderly:

  • 1 in 6 baby boomers (Ages 41-59) have a hearing problem
  • 1 in 14 Generation Xers (ages 29-40) already have hearing loss
  • The majority of people with some form of hearing loss are actually younger than age 65

Unfortunately, most people with hearing loss live their lives without even knowing. Most cases go undiagnosed and untreated.


What’s This Mean for Your Clients, Customers, and Patients?

They or their employees are very likely to be suffering from hearing loss and don't even know it. And because of that, not only are their personal lives negatively impacted, but they're just not as productive at work as they could be with the right treatment.

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But You Can Help!

Offer your clients a hearing health benefit that they can provide to their employees at absolutely no cost. Virtual Hearing Solutions provides a unique program for companies, pharmacies, physicians, brokers, and administrators to improve the hearing health of those they serve. Through this partnership, you can offer:

  • Free online hearing tests from the convenience of home
  • Educational materials on hearing health
  • Ability for individuals to purchase hearing aids through payroll deduction or take advantage of special financing

This is an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourselves from the competition. Most professional service firms are not discussing hearing health despite the fact that it's the #2 most diagnosed health condition in the United States (only behind heart issues).

Additionally, new laws have gone into effect that allow for hearing aids to be sold over the counter. There's no longer a need for people to wait weeks for appointments, take costly tests and order unnecessarily expensive devices from audiologists.

We offer the very best hearing devices available at 40% to 60% lower than retailers due to our direct to consumer business model. And we offer an opportunity for our valued partners to earn additional commission by sharing in the sale of these devices that can make an immediate and positive impact on people's lives.

To learn more, contact Virtual Hearing Solutions at 1-800-453-1420 or complete the form on this page and someone from our team will get in touch right away.