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Top 5 Ways VHS Can Give Your Organization a Competitive Advantage

In a competitive business world, employers are always looking for the best way to get an edge on their competition in order to hire the best employees, grow their business the most, and have a successful business. One of the biggest ways you can help give your company a competitive advantage? By teaming with Virtual Hearing Solutions to provide the best hearing support for your employees.

By strengthening your health and wellness benefits, you are providing support for your employees, who will in turn support you. Here are a few ways that working with VHS will take your company to the next level.

1. Increased Productivity

One in eight adults in the US has some kind of hearing loss in both ears, and hearing loss can have a huge impact on productivity in your workplace. Mishearing critical information in a meeting, not hearing a certain specific direction, or misunderstanding a client’s opinion during a phone call can all cut into your productivity, costing you time and money.

When your employees able to hear each other correctly, and work together, productivity increases, giving you a team that works together to accomplish every goal.

Additionally, healthy hearing supports good mental health. Poor hearing health can be extremely isolating, which can lead to a score of issues when it comes to mental wellness. Keeping your employees in good mental and auditory health not only means they will be happier, but more productive as well.

2. Increase Employee Loyalty and Recruit Top Talent

The more you take care of your employees, the more they will take care of your company. If you actively work to provide them with health and wellness support, like the hearing solutions available through VHS, they will be more likely to feel an allegiance to your company, work harder, and go the extra mile for you.

When polled, 42% of employees said that if their employers improved their health and wellness benefits, they would be more likely to stay in their current job. This means that providing hearing solutions for your team means there is less opportunity for turnover.

Turnover can be very costly for your company. With exit costs, and taking time to hire and train new employees, losing just one employee can mean a major financial hit for your company. Offering hearing solutions as part of a wellness package for your employees can mean less turnover and less lost momentum for your company.

Providing excellent health benefits will give your company a reputation for taking care of your employees, making your business even more desirable to talented prospects who will, in turn, want to work for your company. Making VHS part of your employee health support system means your company becomes more desirable to the kind of workers who can really help grow and develop your business.

3. Hearing Supports Keep Your Workplace Safe

Hearing is not only important for communication between your team members, but it’s also an important measure in keeping your employees safe. OSHA states that there are 28 million people in the workforce who have some kind of hearing impairment. Especially when working with dangerous equipment, or during an emergency situation, hearing difficulties can pose a serious threat to your employees’ safety. When your employees are able to hear safety directives, and all instructions, your workplace is monumentally safer for everyone.

Additionally, hearing aids can make a big difference in improving balance, lowering the risk of workplace falls. When your team can hear, work workplace is safe, your business is productive, and your workers are happy.

4. You’ll Help More of Your Team Than You Probably Realize

Hearing loss is a more widespread problem than you may realize. About 18% of American adults report having a hearing issue at a frequency level that inhibits their ability to hear conversations. That’s nearly 1 in 5 adults. Within your team, you’re bound to make a bigger difference in hearing, and therefore workplace productivity, if you provide assistance with hearing loss through VHS. More of your team will be able to listen to each other, collaborate, and work together.

5. Your Employees Will Grow and Develop More Quickly

When your employees are able to hear, they are more receptive to coaching, growth, and development. Your employees can improve their work more quickly when they are able to hear and learn new skills, respond to team-building, and become aware of all the specific intricacies of your company that keeps it in motion.

Coaching employees can help you overcome performance problems, develop talent, and allow you to delegate so you can focus on other important tasks. It’s a huge part of setting your business up for success. But this coaching is only effective if your employees are able to hear and receive your coaching tips.

Providing hearing support for your employees isn’t just about being able to communicate; it’s about being able to develop each employee and help them become their very best. And if your employees are all informed about your company’s specific culture, and working at their top potential? The sky’s the limit for your business.

Want to hear more about all the ways that good hearing health can make your workplace a happier, more productive, more successful place to be for all your employees? If you’re an employer, let us help you make an improvement in your company culture. Contact us today to see how!

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