What is the Difference Between Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplifying Products

Many people notice that they’re experiencing hearing loss as they get older. Some people, especially those who work in a particularly loud environment, might notice hearing loss much earlier than they would like. While your hearing loss might not be so significant that you feel you need to see a doctor, it can be an inconvenience at work and in social settings.

Here’s the good news: you have some options before you seek medical treatment. There are devices that work much like hearing aids, with just a few small differences. Let’s break down the differences between hearing aids and personal sound amplifying products so you can decide which device is right for you.

Personal Sound Amplifying Products

Personal sound amplifiers are not regulated by the FDA, so a doctor’s visit isn’t required to obtain them. However, problems might arise with personal sound amplifiers; depending on what kind of device you use, these products will likely amplify all sounds, not just the sounds you can’t currently hear.

These devices are ideal for usage in certain situations by people who don’t have severe hearing loss. They are not meant for continuous use, but rather for situational use. For example, when you go to a party and there is loud noise to combat when you’re trying to have a conversation or when you are listening to a speech and there is quite a bit of distance between you and the speaker, a personal sound amplifier could work for you.

Personal Sound Amplifiers are much less expensive than traditional hearing aids. They typically cost just a few hundred dollars, generally staying under a thousand dollars.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are incredibly sensitive devices that can be modified to amplify some sounds without amplifying others. For some people with hearing loss, this option is cost prohibitive.

Even if you have insurance, it’s likely that all the costs— including the purchase of the device, doctors visits, and upkeep— are not completely covered under insurance. If you don’t have insurance, it can be thousands of dollars to obtain and maintain hearing aids.

As your hearing changes, you’ll be required to visit the doctor again to reconfigure the hearing aids, and the cycle of costs will start all over again.

VHS, however, has turned this industry standard on its head. We will get you the hearing aid you need fast— and without a doctor’s visit. As soon as you have the hearing aid, we will support you with an online audiologist. This professional can help you through the process of using your hearing aid, ensuring that it’s working properly and that you understand exactly how to use it.

We have dozens of experienced audiologists on call who are ready to consult with our customers and ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your hearing aid. Best of all, our hearing aids are much more affordable than those you will find at your doctor’s office.

What Solution is Right For You?

If you think you are suffering from any amount of hearing loss, you can take VHS’s free online hearing test to see what level of hearing loss you might be suffering from. Once you have your results, you can consider what, if any, hearing aid products are right for you!

VHS offers affordable hearing devices, as well as payment plan options for every financial situation. You don’t have to worry about not being able to afford hearing aid devices anymore!

If you have any questions or concerns after taking the hearing test or looking at hearing devices, contact us for further help and information.

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